Internet Marketing – Why Use Google Places

Posted: July 18, 2014 in Uncategorized

A lot of individuals do not realize the important advantage of a business if his site is placed in Google Places or if they consider internet marketing Dallas. As a matter of fact, with regards to building traffic, it could be best to use Google Places. Though search engine optimization requires financial investments to help a business gain more traffic, using Google Places wouldn’t cost anything at all. No wonder it’s beneficial tool in SEO. Still, in the event you aren’t convince then this article will give you the reasons why you should use Google Places.

Numbers Will Tell

It is crucial to use the listing; believe it or not, it has the figures which will support that idea. Commonly, 80% of the searches made by folks in the listing will result into queries about the store, calls, visit and also purchases. The fact is, 65% of the Internet users in the country would typically search for a trustworthy local business when using the internet. Additionally, more than 70 percent of internet use are users who are searching for things related to their local needs. The figures alone suggest that you need to consider using Google Places.

All About Organic Search Results

Without a doubt, competition is tough since all businesses are vying for the top and with the aid of this listing, organic traffic will certainly rise. Internet users have different reactions whenever they use Google Places when searching for a business because the results are totally different with Google search. The great thing about using Google Places is that internet users will only find all the information, details and truth about the business. As a result , it’ll be much easier to contact the business or visit it personally.

Boosts Search Engine Ranks

If the business is listed on Google Places, then Google will instantly place the business on their list, together with other business. In short, it indicates the following things. The business would be put beside well-known companies, which will increase their chances of being located by internet users. It also implies that you do not need to exert plenty of effort in search engine marketing because Google will instantly give it a good rank.

Map Is Equals To Customers

Typically, when using Google Places, there would be a map included to the list. This would be a great help to individuals when it comes to finding the business’ location. With the map, other enterprises with better ranks wouldn’t be a big threat. It is because folks could choose to check first the business that’s nearest to them.


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