Experience The Best Vaping Experience With Tristick

Posted: July 6, 2013 in Uncategorized



To some, Tristick takes the lead when it comes to which portable vaporizer is the best. Tristick is an impressive vaporizer, especially since it has a one-of-a-kind heating system, which makes it possible for you to vape your herbs so easily. This controlled temperature system eliminates the risk of overheating herbs as well as the harmful toxins accompanies by burning herbs.


Tristick vaporizers do not emit any unwanted odors. Therefore, Tristick is perfect whether you use it in indoors, outdoors or with other people around you. You will see no smoke with this product for herbs are heated only. Rather than producing smoke, Tristick produces vapour, which you would puff on.


Perhaps the best thing about Tristick is that when it comes to vaping on herbs, you can easily do so with it. You just need to choose what herb, wax or oil to use. Then, put it in; press the heating button and it is ready to go. Unlike other vaporizers, Tristick will heat your dried herbs, oils or waxes in just seconds not minutes.


If you choose to purchase a Tristick vaporizer kit, you can have a lithium powered 1000maH battery. It has 8-wick cartomizer and Dank Tank atomizer. Moreover, the kit includes USB charger for charging the vaporizer as well as a case for the vaporizer and its attachments. Last but not the least, this kit has a warranty for one year.


Because nothing is burnt, thanks to the unique heating system of Tristick, vaping becomes more pleasurable. Reliable, easy and highly flexible, these things make Tristick incomparable to other portable vaporizers. In the end, nothing can beat Tristick.


SOURCE : Tristick Vape


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